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Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads Campaign.

i110 Digital provides extensive Twitter Ad services where we effectively manage paid and strategized campaigns for various niche brands. The Ad format in twitter keeps on changing with new targeting opportunities, allowing us to make the most of what Twitter as a platform has to offer to your business.

Our team of experts will help you regulate and run Twitter Ad campaigns for marketing using fresh video contents, creating hype and regularizing engagement.

Twitter Ad Format.

We finely assort and customize campaigns designed specifically for your profile. It helps you achieve measurable success, which will help you propel your business further. Our specialists on the team are well versed with the robust audience targeting services that Twitter offers. Thus, we navigate our campaigns in a way that it affects and influences your target audience.

Promotional videos - Promotional videos, GIFs, viral videos to reach potential and target audience.

Engagements - Twitter engagement that will maximize the number of people talking about your website/business.

Click conversion - Converting the clicks on your website into sales or potential customer engagement

Awareness - Your tweets are to be made aware of to people across the platform.

Our Twitter Ad service offers various Ad targeting options.

Custom Audience- We help you to incorporate your Twitter account into the website, creating a re-marketed list of visitors on the website.

Keyword Target - Showing specific ads to the ones who use specific keywords or hashtags while conversing.

Follower Target - This service is available when you want to reach the audience with specific interests that are mentioned in their twitter profile or to those who are following similar accounts.

Twitter Analysis - Our team makes use of the Twitter analytics tool to track and customize your campaigns accordingly. It is done through tweet engagements, follower interests, re-tweets, clicks, and application installs.

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