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Paid Media

Paid Media.

Paid media is something which involves paid marketing efforts to place your business on the Internet. It includes brands promotion, display ads, and Pay-per-Click advertising. Few of you might think that paid media can be old fashioned or unnecessary, But in reality, paid media is the quickest way to attract traffic. If your venture is new to the market and needs immediate reach, then paid media is the perfect way to start with. Your content will have more reach; it will be more comfortable to track, and even will earn followers with Paid Media advertisements.

For many of you, the promoted tweets or posts would be the first exposure for your venture, business, or brand. Irrespective of whether you are new in the scene or very well established, your main goal should be spreading your business to as many audiences as possible. To make your wishes come true, we at i110 Digital assist you in connecting you with your potential consumer.

Paid Media Services we offer.

Advanced Targeting - Advertisements through Paid Media will be effective only if it reaches the intended audience. With the help of high-end technologies and a team which has an excellent understanding of paid media landscape, we post attractive ads on various platforms most likely for the customer to purchase.

Social Media Advertising - As the world nowadays seems to be spending most of their time on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., it is the most cost-effective strategy to attract more audience. Our paid media experts manage social platforms such as Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram ads for you.

Analytics-based Marketing - We understand that online ads require continuous testing and modifications; hence, we have a full-fledged team to monitor your ads, keep track of your stats and make necessary changes when it is needed.

Monthly Reporting - We keep a record of how your ads perform with personalized goals every month. We offer you the progress report of where you stand and how every penny of yours is being spent.

Strategic Messaging - To go places in the promotion, writing only catchy slogans will not help. You should make the best first impression. We provide you the perfect balance between the stuff and style with various creative visuals and ensure that we don't lose you in the mix.

In addition to these services, we also provide audience segmentation, bid strategies, keyword management, ROI analysis, and much more.

Advertisements perform a two in one job; it attracts new consumers towards you and also retains the previous consumers. Paid media investment if done correctly, will yield a considerable profit at the same time if done poorly, will drain all your finances in the blink of an eye.  Do you have an engaging social content but no audience? Do you need the best marketing strategies to grab all potential buyers or consumers? Are you struggling to convert it big in your new venture? Then let us help you move ahead. Instead of creating ads for the sake of creating, we create ads in such a way that your customers want to see them.