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Google Ads

Google Ads.

Google is the go-to place for everyone and everything. All sorts of questions are asked on Google, including ones as simple as, “Where should I buy my clothes” among others. A timely ad on google when the users are searching for any services or products will result in receiving a valuable customer.

Every second, there are around 2 million searches happen on Google, and most of the search results are Google ads. Paid Google ads are the most effective way to direct qualified and relevant traffic towards your business when people are searching for the services or product that you offer.

What are Google Ads?

Google offers its users the facility of posting ads with the help of Google Adworks. In Google, the Ads are targeted towards the audience through two major networks, Search network and Display network.

The search network includes all the pay-per-click ads in which you have to bid on a few keywords that the users may use when they search for products or services. It is also called paid search.

The Display network is the graphical display banners with creative visuals which will be displayed on the website. Google display networks reach a whopping 90% of internet users, which is a vast potential audience.

If you are looking to put yourself at the top of the heap in the Google search result pages, then paid Google ads is the best option. At i110 Digital, we take care of all the hustle that you have to go through to create a perfect Google ad and deliver you the best service.

Establishing goals

Google offers proximity-based searches to its users, based on that we segment the users into respecting geographic locations and find your ideal customers. Moreover, we ensure that your ad appears on the results when you search for a product or a service.

Geographical targeting

We listen to your requirements with an open mind and frame your goals. We structure your ads in accordance with your questions.

Keyword Selection

We have a well-focused goal-oriented team for regressive research on the keywords that can be used while bidding for pay-per-click ads in the search network. We pick keywords in a way that it would play for your advantage among your competitors.

Determine Bids and Budget

We help you in setting up an affordable budget by making sure that you bid on the keywords that can convert into high hits. Also, we concentrate more on brand-building and testing.

Creating killer Ads

We ensure that compelling slogans accompany every content of yours. Also, we make sure that these slogans include the keywords that you are bidding on. We create more extensions and emotional content as it has more reach more than others.

Landing Pages

These are important as this would decide whether the customers who landed on your page through clicks will stay or leave. While creating a landing page, we take into account a few factors. For instance, we generate fewer form fields and put more focus on the benefits rather than the features. Additionally, we use high-quality, attractive images to ensure that your landing pages will work across all devices.

Optimization and Profit

We test everything from your ad copies to landing pages. We monitor everything daily and make necessary updates. We monitor your progress and make sure you are not lost, thereby converting your visitors to customers and increasing the profit.